Rapper AKA Disses Burna Boy in New Single

So, AKA is now embroiled in a one-sided beef with Burna Boy.

The South African rapper went off on Costa Titch’s Nkalakatha Remix, in which he vented at all those who he feels offended him.

He said:

“I am the king of the jungle, Julius Caesar. Cancel my people, cancel your visa. Nobody go enter. South Aah is the kingdom, the Garden of Eden, and I’m at the centre, the public protector … my middle finger stands tall for the flag.”

Recall that their feud began during South Africa’s xenophobic attack on foreigners, especially Nigerians, earlier this year.

Last week, the Africa Unite concert set to hold in SA was canceled because the organisers feared for Burna’s safety, especially after AKA rallied his people to launch an attack on the Nigerian. They wanted Burna to apologise for stating the obvious.

Which is why AKA is bragging about canceling people and refusing them entry into SA.

Meanwhile, Burna is having a ball on the global stage, thanks to his recent Grammy nomination, while AKA is shooting diss his direction.

You can here him below:


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