Rapper AKA Continues to Brawl With Nigerians on Social Media

AKA continues to throw shots at Nigerians on social media, even though the Nigerian superstars he fought with have since moved on to other things.

Recent drama started after South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi was crowned the new Miss Universe. While many Africans hopped on social media to celebrate this historical winning, many others noticed how happy Miss Nigeria, Olutosin Araromi, was for Zozi.

This stirred conversations on social media, with a fan wondering what would have happened if the situation was switched. The fan, specifically, said that the likes of AKA would have complained about losing to Nigerians, as the rapper had done in the past.

And AKA replied: “I guess we’ll never know.”

He was not done though; he searched his timeline, seeking another opportunity to diss Nigerians, and found a tweet from a fan who bragged about Cardi B’s visit to Lagos.

The fans tweeted: “Cardi B went to Nigeria, met their celebrities and sealed off music deals. Cardi B went to Ghana, ate Ghana Jollof and started purging. I pray she doesn’t go to SA, who will she meet? AKA? That guy wouldn’t mind asking Cardi B to way bill bleaching cream to him.”

And AKA couldn’t resist fuelling the beef. “We had the World Cup. You had Cardi B. Different levels,” he wrote.

See his tweets below:

Do you think he will ever move on?

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