Rap Veteran Lupe Fiasco Explains Drake’s ‘BlackFace’ Photo Unearthed by Pusha T

Lupe Fiasco has stepped forward to speak up for Drake after Pusha T unearthed his blackface photo and used it to promote his latest Drake diss track called, The Story of Adidon.

Recall that their feud started after Pusha dissed Drake on Infrared, and the Canadian rapper replied with a hit freestyle, Duppy. Now, Pusha has upped the ante with The Story of Adidon in which he made lyrical jabs about how Drake (a biracial rapper) was “always afraid he wasn’t black enough,” and he also goes after Drake for a child he allegedly fathered.

But most people were more concerned about the Drake blackface photo, which they thought was an insult to the black race. Confirming on the authenticity of the photo, Pusha published the credentials of the photographer, saying:

See some of the tweets from black people worried about the Drake blackface photo:

Now, BBC has confirmed that the photo “was originally used as part of a promotion for a clothing line called Jim Crow Couture from Canadian fashion label Too Black Guys.”

While, Lupe Fiasco tells more about the idea before the disturbing photos.

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