R. Kelly Accused of Sexual Assault and Infecting Woman With Herpes

R. Kelly is in the news again for sexual misconduct.

According to Variety, the singer who has a well-documented history of sexual predation on teenagers, has been dragged to court by a woman, Faith Rodgers, who alleges that he sexually assaulted, locked her in rooms to punish her for failing to please him, and ultimately infecting her with herpes.

Rodgers noted that she was in a relationship with Kelly for less than a year, during which time he routinely abused her “mentally, sexually and verbally.” She went further to add that Kelly would video-record her against her will “submitting to deviant and compromising sexual contact.”

Here’s what the suit alleges:

“Defendant, R. Kelly, locked Plaintiff in secluded areas including rooms, studios and motor vehicles, for extended periods of time in order to punish Plaintiff for failing to please Defendant sexually and/or for perceived offenses and violations of his prescribed code of conduct.”

The suit was filed in New York Supreme Court, and states allegations of sexual battery, fraud and false imprisonment.

The singer had yet to react to this latest accusation as at press time.

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