Queen Latifah Tells How She May Resolve the Nicki Minaj x Cardi B Feud

Many people are worried about the state of female rap and it is all thanks to the ongoing violent feud involving veteran rapper Nicki Minaj and newcomer Cardi B.

One of the people who has offered to make peace between the rappers is the legendary actor-rapper Queen Latifah.

Latifah shared her thoughts about the feud during her recent sit-down with the hosts of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Asked what she thought about the New York Fashion Week fight between the rappers, Latifah said:

“I’m up for a real ‘brouhaha’ and a ‘dustup,’ but not for these ladies. I have a lot of respect for female rappers. We are such a powerful minority. And I say powerful in the sense that if you hear a female rapper’s record come through on the radio, you hear that record, you know that record, you memorize that record. We just stand out […] I’d really rather see ’em shoot the fair one on a record and take everybody out.”

Asked if she would be open to getting the rappers to collaborate, Latifah said, “I could produce it, wrap it, executive produce it. ‘We Are The World’ situation.”

Now, the big question is this: will Nicki and cardi accept to work together ever again?

Watch the video below.

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