Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer Junot Díaz Accused of Sexual Misconduct and Verbal Abuse

Barely a month after he penned an essay in which he talked about how he abuse he suffered as a child ‘fucked up’ his whole life and caused him to ‘hurt’ women, Junot Diaz has now been accused of sexual misconduct and abuse by multiple women.

In the widely read essay for The New Yorker,  Diaz spoke about his experience of having been raped as a child, and how this trauma continued to affect him throughout his adult life. The legacy of this abuse was apparent in his romantic relationships with women, relationships which were riddled with cheating and intimacy issues.

And he blamed all these tendencies on the abuse he endured as a child.

Now, several women in the literary world have called him out.

According to Zinzi Clemmons, author of 2017 novel What We Lose, she was assaulted by Diaz when she was 26 years old.

See her tweet:  

Carmen Maria Machado, whose book  Her Body and Other Parties is a National Book Award finalist, she endured abuse at the hands of Diaz for calling out the unhealthy relationship between the protagonist and women in Diaz’s book.

She writes:

The thread continues, before concluding here:

Another writer, Monica Byrne, who wrote 2014’s acclaimed sci-fi novel The Girl in the Road, shared her own story on Facebook, telling how Díaz shouted the word rape in her face during a dinner party, and that the evening only got worse from there. “I’ve never experienced such virulent misogyny in my adult life,” she wrote. “He made a point of talking over me, cutting me off, ignoring me.”

Read her full note here.

Vulture contacted Junot Diaz for comment, but he had yet to respond as at press time.

We can’t wait to see how this pans out.

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