Presidential Aspirant Eunice Atuejide Calls Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie an “Extremist”

Eunice Atuejide is back making the headlines again for the wrong reasons.

The presidential aspirant recently sat down with Daddy Freeze of Coolfm where she spoke, among other things, about her displeasure with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and why she thinks the famous author is an “extremist.”

Asked if she is a feminist, Atuejide said she wasn’t, before saying that she doesn’t “think about issues from the angle of women.”

“You won’t find me insisting on something just because I am a woman. I will give you reasons why [things] should come to me, and not because I am a woman,” she continued.

Asked what she thinks of Adichie, she said, “I think she is an extremist and sometimes I do think she is misleading a lot of our girls,” said the presidential aspirant, adding, “There are actually a few time when I agree with her, but most times I am like ‘oh my God!'”

She continued, saying she hopes women do not “take on” what Adichie teaches, “because some of the [these teachings] could actually turn around and bit them in the bum.”

This is not the first time the presidential aspirant would be making controversial comments about feminism, but she seemingly has overdone it this time.

Or, what do you think?

Watch her video below.


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