President Trump’s Hair Breaks the Damn Internet: Check Out the Best Reactions!

A video of Donald Trump boarding the Air Force One has shut down the damn internet after the wind exposed the mystery behind his hair.

The video was first shared by journalist Ashley Feinberg who noticed something off about the president as he boarded the aircraft; she saw that Trump’s hair was thinner and grossly unsightly at the back, and this was thanks to the merciless wind which swept up his entire hair, revealing the scalp behind.

“At first I didnt think this could possibly be real but…. I think it is?” Feinberg tweeted the link to the video simply. And in another tweet, she said,  titled “Imagine what those locks look like soaking wet.”

She made a gif from the video, which has now been shared over 7,000 times and gotten thousands more talking.

The reactions are hilarious; while some people have called the wind ‘treasonous’, it always stirred speculation about the president’s hair loss.

Check out some of what people are saying about Trump’s hair:

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