President Buhari’s In-Laws Mend Fences as Hauwa Indimi Plans to Marry Her Sister’s Ex

So, Rahma Indimi has finally made peace with her sister Hauwa Indimi.

In case you missed how the drama started: the family got embroiled in a nasty family saga after one of the sisters, Hauwa, revealed plans to marry her sister Fatima’s ex-boyfriend, Mohammed, who is the son of he late NNPC Managing Director, Abubakar Yar’Adua.

Mohammed, allegedly, had also dated President Buhari’s daughter Zahra before she finally married one of the Indimi sons, Ahmed.

Things were going well with the family until Hauwa announced plans to marry same Mohammed, and her sisters, especially Rahma, who is former wife to Mohammed Babangida, publicly rebuked her for breaking sister code.

“This is f—k, he’s an ex for a reason and now you will go and bring the f—k back to my life. Nahhhh. I won’t support it. There’s a code for this. Friends and family ex’s should be off the table,” Rahma wrote on her Instagram, according to ThisDay.

Now, same Rahma has now extended the olive branch, while explaining her earlier why she rebuked Hauwa.

She wrote this on her Instagram:

“My dearest baby sis, when you sent me these lovely pictures I wasn’t sure to post it immediately or wait til the last minute (as I didn’t want to jinx it?) I wish you all the best and happiness you can get out of your union. You have always been a good and quite young lady. Always listening to advise and making use of it. Well my advice for you is never go to bed angry, communication is key and he is always right??obey and respect your husband. Do not tell anyone your issues. Be the best person that I know you to be. Always here for you??? I love you to the moon and back. May Allah bless your union. Ameen yarabb”

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