Post Malone Tells How He Felt After His Plane Underwent an Emergency Landing

Post Malone has now shared how he felt after the plane carrying him and 15 other passengers landed safely following mechanical faults during take off.

According to the Ball For Me rapper, they had to make an emergency landing the first time due to a sensor malfunction, and he was wide awake for the experience. Then, when they took off for the second time, he says he and the other passengers “heard this big ass pop, and we were just like, ‘What the hell is that?'”

It wasn’t long before they heard a startling noise and “s–t started coming in from underneath the table and s–t.”

“This can’t be good,” the rapper recalled. “I’m f–king freaked out.”

He continued, “The flight attendant was like, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be fine, it’s alright, you know, we just popped a tire,” but then they had to fly around for “f–king three and a half, four hours.”

Posty noted that the wait was the worst part, because “you figured if something was gonna happen, just get it over with like a band-aid or something, but just the f–king anxiety of this is f–ked.”

And it wasn’t only after they had landed safely that he learned that the wing was “f–ked” and had “blew in half.”

As though that experience was not terrifying enough, he crashed his Rolls-Royce in a car accident days later, and then his house was targeted by an intruder mere weeks later. Now, there are rumours that he could be cursed.

Hopefully, he is now in a safe place.

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