Police swoop on Hong Kong Protesters

Several protesters have been arrested as they tried to run from a Hong Kong university campus surrounded by police.

A group of around 100 people tried to leave Polytechnic University, but were met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

It is the third time protesters have tried to leave, following a violent and fiery overnight stand-off with police.

The university campus has turned into a battleground as the long-running Hong Kong protests become more violent.

As protests were raging, Hong Kong’s High Court ruled that a ban on protesters wearing face masks was unconstitutional.

In Beijing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a news conference: “No-one should underestimate China’s will to safeguard its sovereignty and Hong Kong’s stability.”

Hong Kong is a part of China, and these protests are, in part, about the fear that the special freedoms Hong Kong enjoys as a former British colony are being eroded.


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