Pirates Strike off Nigerian Coast, Kidnap 11 Crew Members

Gunmen on Monday abducted eleven crew members of a ship under a German flag, Pomerenia Sky ship, off the Nigerian coast.

This was reported by Poland Radio station, Radio RMF FM, which said: “Pirates came aboard and according to arrangements made by the radio station – they abducted part of the crew, including 8 Poles, 2 Filipinos and 1 Ukrainian.”

It added that although the Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs was in contact with the shipowner, no confirmation has been done yet by the country’s government.

“In order to verify whether the unit was Polish citizens, the Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the shipowner.”

“Nevertheless, due to the nature of the matter, the ministry will not provide further information at the moment,” the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson said.

Pirates have over the years run wild on Nigeria’s restive south coast, but their activities have been limited in recent times following a clampdown by the Nigerian Navy.


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