Peter Okoye on N27.2bn NASS Renovation: ‘This People Have No Shame’

Peter Okoye has joined the list of stars who have spoken up against the Federal Government over the report of the planned renovation of the National Assembly.

In case you missed all the drama: Punch reports that FG has “reduced the N37bn budget for the renovation of the National Assembly complex to N27.7bn,” which means that the sum of N9.3bn was cut from the budget for the renovation of the complex; the previous budgeted sum stood at N37bn.

However, this triggered a heated conversation about the waste incurred by the current government, and why FG wouldn’t even consider renovating that complex at a time when the economy is struggling, with many Nigerians still hussling to earn money for daily meals.

Reacting to this, Peter Okoye described the government as ‘inhuman.’

National Assembly that was built with N13.6 Billion , but would be renovated with N27 Billion. This people have No Shame,” he said.

He continued, “How can shameless people have shame in this country, instead they keep increasing in their shamelessness. N27billion how. My country is big Joke!”

And he got a little more passionate, adding, “#N27Bllion How many of you wish you were not born in this country right now? Because of our failed leaders!”

See his tweets below:


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