Peter Obi Replies After Kemi Adetiba Narrated the Horror She Endured at Lagos Airport

Peter Obi has commiserated with Kemi Adetiba after the filmmaker revealed the horror she endured at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos.

According to Adetiba, she had just gotten off the flight from Paris when she ran into an officer of the Nigeria Customs who tried to shake her down for money and this failed, attempted to intimidate the filmmaker.

“She asked to open all the bags, but not finding anything, zeroed in the perfume gift and my small travel speakers. She asked I show her an invoice for the speakers. I told her I no longer had it, and asked her WHY as it was a personal item,” Adetiba tweeted.

And the matter was made worse after the officer, Ojo, transferred Adetiba to a colleague, a sexist, rude man who dismissed the filmmaker like she was beneath him. It was only after Adetiba noted their names did he finally let her go.

“The government really needs to do something about customs officers as you leave the airport. Not all custom officers are bad (I have met some very pleasant ones) but there are very bad eggs that use the power to shake weak people down for money,” Adetiba continued.

You can follow the thread here.

This comes just days after Aremu Afolayan revealed his own experiences at the airport, triggering a nationwide debate.

Following Adetiba’s story, vice presidential aspirant, Peter Obi, tweeted his sympathies, and also plugged his candidacy.

See his tweets below.

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