‘People Don’t Value Courtship’, Queen Nwokoye Says

Queen Nwokoye has come out to say that the reason why there’s a lot of Ozo and Nengi bashing on social media is because people do not value courtship anymore.

The Nollywood actress in reaction to the trolling of Ozo during his time in the BBaN house, noted that this generation is one for instant gratification and would rather do quickies than go through the longer route of ‘chasing’ while wooing their love interests.

Queen Nwokoye took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the subject writing;

“The only thing I have realised from the Ozo and Nengi bashing is that a lot of people don’t value courtship aka chasing.

“They love quickies. Chasing was what made toasting fun and relationships strong back in the days but indomie generation won’t understand.”

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