Pearl Thusi Breaks Silence Over Unathi Nkayi Tribalist Comment

South Africans are still roasting Unathi Nkayi for the comments she made on Sunday that has since been termed ‘tribalist’, and Pearl Thusi has some words for everyone.

In case you missed it: it all started on Sunday when Unathi congratulated contestant Luyolo Yiba on his stellar performance on the show. “On behalf of the Xhosa people, we are tired of holding up the nation,” she said.

Things escalated quickly, and Unathi has since apologised. Read all about it here.

But Pearl Thusi thinks the conversation ranks of hypocrisy.

“The hypocrisy on this platform knows no bounds,” she wrote on Twitter. Times Live added that she continued in a  now-deleted tweet, saying that if Zulu people were dominating like Xhosa people were, she would not hesitate to celebrate.

“When Zulu people have a big week, please be ready for me being proud of my tribe. [It] doesn’t mean I hate other tribes or putting them down. Let’s celebrate each other and allow people to be happy,” she said.

See her tweets below:


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