‘Pay N40,000 Minimum Wage’ – Ndume to Governors

Ali Ndume, senator representing Borno south, has caused a stir by saying the new minimum wage should be N40,000, instead of the proposed N30,000.

The senator took the stand at a news forum in Abuja on Tuesday, where he dismissed claims by governors that states cannot pay the proposed amount.

“When the governors literally say they cannot pay, I just don’t want to agree with that,” Ndume said.

“If you say you can’t pay, how and why? I was thinking that the argument would be backed by facts.

“You know on the average what you get on monthly basis, you know your wage bill, and then you put it up to N30, 000 and then put the figures.

“I don’t know the constitutionality of this, but I think that the minimum wage should be N40,000.”

Ndume, however, said the new minimum wage should be realistic based on the capacity of state governments.

“Don’t forget that the labour force of Nigeria is less than one percent of the population, and whatever the state gets is for the whole state, not for only workers,” he noted.

“So, if you say you take the whole money the state gets and pay workers with it, it is also not fair. So, I think there should be balance in this.”


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