Paul Okoye narrates how he saved Slavia Prague’s Peter Olayinka from Police Harassment

Afro-pop star, Paul Okoye, has shared an inspiring tale of how he saved a young Nigerian man from police brutality months ago, only to watch him on TV last night playing against Barcelona in the champions League.

The celebrated artiste narrated how he came across a young man with dreads being harassed by police officers who were accusing him of being a fraudster (Yahoo boy) because of his appearance.

Paul said the man told the officers that he’s a footballer but they didn’t believe him and told him that all Yahoo boys claim to be footballers or musicians.

He added that the officers became uncomfortable when he started filming them so they let the young man go.

That was several months ago…and you can imagine Paul’s surprise when on November 5, he watched the same young man, Olayinka Peter Oladeji, put in a decent shift against Barca in the Champions League.

Rudeboy shared the story on Instagram, writing:

“Few month ago, I posted “some Nigerians police are illiterate “ because I witnessed how they treated a young man with short dreads @ lekki phase1 entrance gate . they were harassing and calling him all sort of names… criminal, yahoo boy and all, when i asked what is happening here?, the young man tried to explain to me that they said his car documents where photocopy, they want to take him to the station, that he should send someone to bring the original to the station, one of the police was inside the guys car already screaming “ my friend come and move this car !! You are a criminal!” I told the police to stop calling him a criminal , the young man said he’s not a criminal, that he’s a footballer, and the police man said that what all you criminals and yahoo boys say… if it’s not footballer, it’s musician and all so I got pissed, brought out my phone and started making a video, the police were uncomfortable, that’s was how they decided to let him go … later that night this young man sent me a Dm and thanked me … but then his Instagram page was verified…. to cut the long story short….. yesterday I saw this same young man playing against Barcelona in champions league Barcelona vs slavia Prague azin ehh!!, I was like this guy looks familiar, had to type his name on I.g @olayinka_peter …. I was very proud of what I did that night ,… then I screamed again …. God punish some illiterate Nigerian police”


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