Pastor Joshua Iginla Buys Himself a New Private Jet: Video

Pastor Joshua Iginla has now joined the #PrivateJet gang.

According to Sahara Reporters, the founder of Champions Royal Assembly, an interdenominational church in Abuja, acquired the private jet recently. This was confirmed by a statement released by his church, which said that the pastor “added the new wonder on air to ease the missionary work as a prophet with global impact.”

The statement continued:

“Acquiring a private jet is not a luxury but borne out of necessity. Arguably, Nigerian prophets are among the most sought out globally. Most times, they are needed in two or three countries in different continents in a day. Hence, there is need to create a very easy means of transportation for them, couple with the fact that our transportation industry is still way behind Compare to other developed countries and that is why we see men of God purchasing private jets, not to showoff but to make movement easy for them for evangelical and missionary purposes.”

And this comes mere weeks after Apostle Suleman took delivery of a Hawker BAe 125-800 that reportedly costs between $1,095,000 to $2,895,000.

Check out the video below:


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