Pastor Ituah Ighodalo Speaks on Losing His Wife, Ibidun and the Strength to Deal

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo spoke on how the death of his beloved wife, Ibidun Ighodalo has impacted him and how he is finding strength to deal.

The Senior Pastor of Trinity House, in an interview with Punch revealed that it was quite easy breaking the news of his wife’s death to their two children given that they are still very young.

He noted that his 9-year-old has questions time to time about her mother’s passing, and he tries his best possible to answer them while his 2-year-old son is too young to really understand.

Speaking on the strength he has displayed since her passing, Ituah Ighodalo said he tried as much as possible not to focus on himself but on God and other people to enable him deal with the pain. He revelaed that taking the focus off himself made it a little easier to deal.

The former accountant also noted that though his wife is not here physically, the woman who was described as an angel by many is still very much active; working and interceding on behalf of her loved ones.

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