Pastor Iginla’s Wife Breaks Silence After He Accused Her of Infidelity, Exposes His Ways

Days ago, worshippers praised the Senior Pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla, after he announced that he has divorced Yemisi his wife after seven years of marital issues.

According to the preacher, he and his wife both cheated on each other, both endured tough times, and so he decided to call the marriage off, especially because Yemisi allegedly had a child outside wedlock.

“As it is now it has become a pain because when your wife begins to fight you everywhere you go and she refuses to settle in secret. I told her to settle in secret or I will go to the world Confess my sin, receive the insult and end the Marriage. And that is what I am doing now,” he said.

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Well, Yemisi has shared her own heartrending story, and she has a lot of receipts, too.

According to the young mother of three, her marriage began to fall apart after her husband started sneaking behind her with a South African woman named Stella, who got pregnant for him, who mocked Yemisi because of this. And Yemisi met the greatest shock when Iginla went behind her to marry Stella.

And now that she, Yemisi, is healing from the horror, Iginla chose to rush out to tell a cooked-up story, perhaps so that he would cover his tracks in case the true story ever got out.

“My three children are his. And I have never ever lived a promiscuous life, ever. I gave my life to Christ since I was six years old, and I have been in the faith,” she said, before apologising for bringing their drama to social media.

She had speak out, she said, so that when her children grow up they wouldn’t ask why she kept quiet through it all. “I am fighting for my children’s life and their destiny,” she added.

“If he says it is the end of our marriage, it is not the end of life. God bless you all.”

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