Pastor Adeyemi Dares gods to Solve Nigeria’s Power Issues

The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Samuel Adeyemi, has dismissed the supposed power of some deities in Nigeria.

In a recent sermon, Pastor Adeyemi dared “Sango” to supply electricity to cities in Nigeria if it is powerful.

The popular cleric slammed belief in the deities as national foolishness, wondering why despite all their powers, the idols were colonised by the white man and they couldn’t do a thing.

In his words;

“You were only raised on a culture of fear. There is nothing, absolutely nothing. You are afraid of Sango, if Sango was that powerful why did he not supply electricity to our cities? Nonsense.

It’s amasing how we have national foolishness, you believe in Sango. I was discussing with one of us some days ago, and he said we believe in Sango, Sanpona and that they are powerful and as powerful as they are they could not give us electricity.

The whiteman came and colonise Sango, Sanpona, and all of them and they could not stop the whiteman.

Foolish idols, you better throw them away.”

There you have it. Over to the gods…

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