Paris Jackson Shuts Down Rumour That She Attempted Suicide

Paris Jackson jas just dragged TMZ for filth for falsely reporting a suicide attempt story.

Drama started when the famous gossip blog reported that Paris “slit” her own wrist “in direct response to the allegations made against her father in “Leaving Neverland” — a documentary in which Wade Robson and James Safechuck accuse MJ of molesting them as children.”

But the model had just shut it all down. “Fuck you you fucking liars,” she tweeted.

And this comes just days after she called out folks for leveling unfair accusations and making assumptions about her life. “I smoke weed on my story ONE time and all of a sudden i’m a junkie meth alcoholic party raver that’s also secretly married and pregnant and may or may not have a penis,” she tweeted on March 14.

See her tweets below:

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