Paris Hilton Slams Lindsay Lohan, Calls Her a “Pathological Liar” on Instagram

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s decade-long feud just got messier.

The heiress-turned-DJ took to Instagram today to throw major shade at the actress, opening old wounds many fans had long forgotten.

According to E! News, the recent drama started when a fan of Paris Hilton shared a montage of paparazzi videos of Lohan from the 2000s. The first clip is from November 2006, in which Lohan alleged that Paris had hit her in the arm with a drink at a friend’s house the night before. The second footage shows when she backtracked on the claim, and this was after Paris urged her to tell the photographers the truth.

The footages were taken on same night the duo were photographed in a car with Britney Spears.

“Paris is my friend. Everyone lies about everything. She’s a nice person…she never did that. She’s a good girl,” Lindsay is seen telling photographers as she ducked into the car with Hilton behind the wheel.

The third video shows Lohan calling Paris “a c–t”, and shortly after denied ever saying that.

Seeing all these old memories stirred new rage in Paris, because she commented on the post. “#PathologicalLiar,” she wrote in the comment section.

Now, fans are worried that when Lohan comes online and sees this, it will triggered new war between them.

See the montage below.



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