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Xenophobic Attack: Another Nigerian Murdered in South Africa

This is another instance of a Nigerian getting killed in South Africa. Is the government doing enough?

Strange Ailment Kills 50 in Kogi

health officials initially thought the disease was linked to the outbreak of Lassa fever in the country

FG Asks Court to Revoke Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail for Threatening Anambra Polls, Public Peace

Federal government wants the court to revoke Nnamdi Kanu's bail for failing to meet the terms and threatening governorship elections in Anambra state

Rapper The Game Gets Caught Sliding Into the DM of a 16-Year-old Girl!

This is not the first time The Game would be caught lurking around teenagers

No End in Sight: Strike Continues as ASUU/ FG Fail To Reach Agreement

The Federal Government has turned down ASUU's demand that it should be exempted from the TSA

Spanish Police Foil Second Attack after 13 Killed in Barcelona

In shocking video posted online, gunfire can be heard ringing out as police and ambulances swarm on the scene while those nearby ducked behind a concrete wall for cover.

Eddie Murphy is Dragged Into Mel B’s Divorce as Stephen Belafonte Wins Again!

A judge ruled that Stephen Belafonte could amend his divorce paperwork and request step-parent visitation with Angel, Eddie Murphy's daughter

‘Jenifa’s Diary’ Actress Talks Underpayment, Losing Virginity at 17, Sexual Assault

Her revelations has stirred major reactions on social media. While some people commiserate with her, others have criticised her past.






Pres Buhari will Return Soon - Osinbajo

I Can’t Give Specifics, but Buhari is Recovering Fast and will Return Soon –...

Acting President Osinbajo said he could not go into the specifics of the discussion, but President Buhari would return soon

President Obama Slams Trump, Hails Hillary Clinton in DNC Speech – Video/Transcript

The American President made a case for the first female presidential nominee in a major party, dragged Donald Trump for filth and assured viewers and prospective voters that Clinton is the only "candidate in this race who believes in the future of America.

Germany Train Attack: Afghan Immigrant Attacked Passengers with Axe & Knife, Shot Dead by...

Last night, a 17 year old boy wielded an axe and a knife on passengers on a train outside the city of Wurzburg in Germany, hurting more than twenty people.


A Tale of Two National Libraries: Norway and Nigeria Come Together

A Tale of Two National Libraries: Norway and Nigeria Come Together

In Norway, the National Library is considered a custodian of both the past and the future. The Oslo library, whose four wings were built over the course of more than a century in architectural styles that both clash with and complement one another, is a symbol of a country not just accepting of the march of modernity, but in full embrace of it
Abuja Kaduna Rail. Train ride

Travelogue: Kaduna – Abuja, Of Train Rides and Dog Bites

I heard a man say, "This is the second time..." He didn't conclude the statement but I put two and two together – either the Civil Defence keeps some very exuberant dogs or, as my sister said when I narrated the incident to her, the dog hadn't been fed! Chei!
Chibok School Girls

Dispatch from Chibok: A Community’s Resilience in the Shadow of Boko Haram

We passed soldiers at desolate intersections, lonely sentries with fingers poised at triggers as if waiting for only the slightest movements in the shrub to shoot.

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