Osagie Alonge Says He’s Getting Death Threats for Accusing Wizkid of Doing Drugs

Osagie Alonge and his friends recently had a lot to say about Wizkid on their podcast, and now he claims that they are getting death threats because of this.

In case you missed it: the music critic and his friends took to their podcast, “Loose Talk”, to talk about Wizkid’s failed relationships with the mothers of his sons, allegations that the singer is addicted to drugs, plus claims that he stole songs from friends.

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The podcats stirred heated reactions on social media, with Wizkid’s old friends, Piper and Rudeboy, accusing the media personalities of defamation.

Now, Alonge claims he is getting death threats.

“In the early hours of Tuesday, September 25, 2018, the lives of my family, co-hosts of Loose Talk podcast, including mine were threatened. The death threats came as a result of the most recent episode of Loose Talk where we discussed Wizkid’s recent celeb drama,” he said, noting that they have taken down the podcast and reuploaded an edited version.

“To all who were offended by our remarks, we apologize. The safety of my friends and family is paramount,” he added.

See the note below.

Wizkid had yet to respond to this as at press time.


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