Preying from Paris: The Parable of Mars and Barzini & Other Spiritual Things

Here's the thing: Mars and Barzini do not need a Godfather. And when you have such attitude, everyone will bow at your feet.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: Valentine’s Day – Love Comes in all Forms

There were couples everywhere and looking around, the loneliness hit me like a ton of bricks. I longed for someone to laugh out loud with.

We Should Not Compromise the Unity of Nigeria- Pa. Olorunfemi Adeduro at 80

My name is William Olorunfemi Adeduro. Welcome to my greatest day of joy so far

Constitutional Amendment: National Assembly and the Corruption of Absolute Power

A look at some of the constitutional amendment proposals reveals we have a National Assembly that is more concerned about arrogating more power and benefits to its leaders and members than it cares about other Nigerians

Preying From Paris: Olamide Will Disappear Into Oblivion Soon, But He Can Stop It!

In the next two years, if care is not taken, Olamide will sink. Deep down. And we will not find any piece of him. His music would have gone with him because his music is not for eternity.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mother: Even in Divorce, The Hills Have Eyes

The happiness I had felt a few minutes earlier was gone, replaced by a deep frustration and fear. I instinctively looked around the restaurant searching for any suspicious faces.

Aisha’s Musings: Why Romance Novels are Bad for Sex

In Nigeria, we have a lot smothering our sex lives, the weather, economy, religion, family members, and of course romance novels and porn.

Do You Need ‘Bars’ to be a Successful Rapper in 2017?

I'm not here to debate who has bars and who doesn't. The question I ask is, does it matter?

Preying from Paris: For Wole Soyinka, with Love from Port of Spain!

The newspapers say Nollywood is in Trinidad & Tobago for the film festival, but I am the only one here, walking the red carpet as the only Nigerian filmmaker here tonight.

Book Review: Thoughts on Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘Dear Ijeawele’

In sum, Adichie’s Feminist Manifesto is a pleasurable read. Her opinions are an invitation to a conversation.

Redemption: Artist Adeola Olagunju Explores her Journey Following a Near Death Experience.

On Sunday the 23rd of July I attended the Redemption exhibition showcasing the works of artist Adeola Olagunju. The exhibition consisted of three thematically...

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: My Mother’s Daughter

I felt totally defeated. I stared at my children and fought back tears. I knew I would have to go home with my sick children, and source for more money.

Book Review: The Doses of Reality in Ayisha Osori’s Love Does Not Win Elections

Ayisha Osori, lawyer, columnist and former chief executive officer of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund took a shot at the House of Representatives as a relatively young Nigerian and tells her compelling story in Love Does Not Win Elections

Kidnapped Igbonla Pupils: Lagos Government, Activists Aren’t Doing Nearly Enough

The government insistence of not negotiating with the criminals is ill-advised

Osinbajo: Balancing Policy and Politics as 2019 Games Begin in Buhari’s Absence

President Muhammadu Buhari's prolonged medical leave has unsettling political implications for his party and Acting President Yemi Osinbajo as gladiators prepare for the 2019 elections

A Look Around Home: A Returning Student’s Impressions of Lagos

I never realised just how many walls are plastered with the numbers of Plumbers, Carpenters, Cleaners, and Tutors, too desperate for work, but too poor to afford traditional advertising.

Aisha’s Musings: Sex, Virginity and Gender Roles

Usually, when the sex conversation comes up, it tends to follow a certain trope:

Lagos Traffic Chaos: Are these Maxgo Bikes the Messiah We Seek or We Await Another?

Maxgo has the potentials to grow big and redefine the traffic and Ecommerce climes in Lagos with time if it gets its corporate culture right.

Preying from Paris: At the AMAAs, Nigerians Couldn’t Rig Anything!

I am never going to compare and contrast the AMAAs with any other award, but there is a huge credibility attached to the AMAAs

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: New Year and Fireworks in the Sky!

I hadn’t noticed the music had stopped in the neighbour’s house. I hadn’t even noticed I was screaming. Uzoma motioned for me to be quiet.

On Amnesty for Looters and Tax Defaulters: Before We Give Out Frivolous Benefits

The federal government recently introduced a tax amnesty through an Executive Order on Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme signed by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo while Hon Linus Okorie is sponsoring a bill that provides amnesty for looters willing to invest stolen money in the country

Lagos Floods: When A City Runs From Water To Water

Lagos is important to Nigerians. It's a shame to see the commercial hub of Nigeria gradually washed away by the flood

Preying From Paris: KCee is Mad Again and Wants to Drown in Limpopo River!

If KCee had any shame, he would not say the things he said about Asa; he would have focused on his heartbreak caused by HarrySong.

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: A Clubbing Experience at Christmas

Despite the shoe mishap at the club, the evening had been a perfect start to my Christmas holiday. But one thing would make it even more perfect...

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: Torn Between Two Worlds – Kristof and Sanity

It will take me years to be in a good place mentally, emotionally and most especially financially to take that leap

Why the Nigerian Public Needs to Understand the Basic Principles of Law

I would rather we introduced these basic principles of law in secondary schools so that the public can be informed at that level before they grow into adults

Kabafest: Where We Are Missing the Point – By Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

The vitriol characterising the calls to boycott this festival and the labelling of potential attendees as “hungry writers” and “hustlers”, in an attempt to shame people out of attending, strikes me as some form of pseudo-intellectual thuggery.

In Defense of Engagement: KABAFEST, Literary Festivals, and Bad Faith Protest

On the surface, the argument agains KABAFEST is plausible. After all, who wants to sit and dine with a politician who is committed to destruction of a religious minority group. Except that, first of all, the festival is not a “wine and dine”.

Music Review: Davolee’s ‘Festival Bar’ is More Than Just a Lagos Barman’s Tale

Listening to Festival Bar made me reflect on the art of the short story and especially how the song works with acute observation, colorful characterization and witty dialogue