Police Reforms: the Least Honour Govt can Give Brave Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko

Policemen in the country are poorly paid and ill-equipped to fight crime. In honour of the gallantry and the ultimate sacrifice made by Sergeant Iboko, the government and the police authority should seize the opportunity of this on-going discourse and start doing the necessary now.

Aisha’s Musings: Feminism? No, Do Not Bring Back the Bush

Feminsm has taken so many colours and shapes it is difficult to keep up with it, Amber rose shows us her pubic hairs and well… she is trying to end the stigma against pubic hairs… she has empowered women, yay Feminism!

Preying from Paris: An Open Letter to President Kagame From a Nigerian

"Mr President, you work so hard, but your efforts will be in vain if other African Presidents don’t follow your steps."

Nigeria on the Brink: On the Percussions of War and its Repercussions

Campaigns for self-determination do not necessarily have to be shaped by calls to arms that lead to more losses than gains

The Law & You: Presumption of Innocence of an Accused Person under the Nigerian Legal...

Fairness of a trial is fundamental to the administration of justice

Diary of a Nigerian Single Mum: Camella Comes to Town

“You know Mags, you’ve always been athletic, you need to snap out of this gloom and bring your sexy back. Remember American Pie? You’ve got to become a milf like Stifler’s mom.

The Numbers don’t Lie…Neither does Cristiano Ronaldo!

Of course, we’ve not heard the last debate on his true place among the all-time greats, but like he’s always said…”the numbers don’t lie”.

Aisha’s Musings – On Chibuihe & Dammy Krane: A Tale of Varied Sympathies

The same people who condemned Chibuihe, excused Dammy Kranes action

Can Lagos Government Severe Ties With NURTW Gangs To Reduce Violence in the City?

What will end gangsterism in Oshodi and other parts of Lagos is the total ban on the collection of illegal tolls, which are in essence used to purchase arms, and to finance the lavish lifestyle of these gang members.

Preying From Paris: Like Dammy Krane, I Flew a Private Jet Too!

I have used the same private jet Wizkid used. It was exactly the same jet that WizKid had earlier posted and claimed was his'.

The Law & You: Child Adoption Under the Nigerian Law [Part 4]

An adoption order will not be made where the applicant, or in the case of joint applicants, either of the applicants is not a Nigerian Citizen.

Senate’s Passage of the PIGB: Just Before We Think it is Uhuru

The Petroleum Industry Governance Bill (PIGB) passed by the Nigerian Senate is an important piece of legislation but we need to check our excitement by looking at its provisions and other factors that may yet determine its fate

Aisha’s Musings: Rebound Sex and 5 Tips for Picking a Palate Cleanser

Depending on the understanding, he or she can be a listening ear while you whine about the ex but let that not be an expectation. What even makes this easier is if it’s a mutual palate cleansing arrangement.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: How Much More Must We Sacrifice?

And if at all anybody should make sacrifices, it should be that small percentage of our people who have never had a reason to, in the first place.

Osinbajo’s Democracy Day Speech: Inspiring Hope Amidst Recession

Osinbajo's speech can be best appreciated if reviewed from 3 perspectives: The Past, The Present and The Future, while also discussing the corresponding capacity to navigate the present to the desired future.

The Law and You: Child Adoption Under the Nigeria law [Part 3]

A teenage girl who becomes a single parent while in school or learning a trade and cannot at the same time cope with the responsibilities of child rearing may give up the child for adoption.

Children’s Day Special; Child Education, Prerequisite for a Better Future

By Bode EkerinIt is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. There are no two ways to this than by giving a...

Opinion: Of Coup Talks, a Missing President and the Steady March to the Dark Ages

The military should purge itself of its Messianic complex. Without exception, its interventions in politics have always left the country worse than they met it. Civilian rule as of today may not be what we had hoped for, but it is better than anything the military had offered or plan to offer.

Love and Relationships: Of Death, Burials & Respecting Wishes of The Deceased

For me, it is not so much about what is practical or necessary, it is about articulating choice for the ones from whom voice has been wrestled away; giving them the right to plan for a future, even if it is one they cannot participate in.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Can We Stop Telling Men to ‘Man up’?

Because people have different ways of processing emotions, there is a tendency for some men to collapse under the weight of the unshed tears, bottled up feelings and unexpressed thoughts. We therefore do our men no good by telling them to “be a man” or "man up".