The law & You: Why You Should Write Your Will

A will is a written statement that ensures that the property of a person is devolved on his heirs according to his express wishes and directives.

Of Pastures Not so Green: A Review of Julie Iromuanya’s Mr. and Mrs. Doctor

Iromuanya’s writing is not just words strewn together but the brush strokes of an artist bringing words to life, painting moving pictures with suspense, irony, satire and more

Wetin Local Government Dey Do Sef? Thinking a Way Forward

By law, the third tier of government is the local government and should ordinarily be closer to the people but often, its impact is the least felt. Why is this so, and how can it get better?

Aisha’s Musings: The Big Deal About a ‘Big Bulge’ (1)

If today you stand as a man with a smaller than average penis, and you feel insecure and are probably considering trying all those...

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Making the Most of Nigeria’s Infrastructure Potential

Nigeria’s infrastructure today lags well behind that of the rest of the developed world and while this presents a present challenge to living and doing business in the country.

When I say Trans Women Are Trans Women, It’s Not To Diminish Them – Chimamanda...

To acknowledge different experiences is to start to move towards more fluid – and therefore more honest and true to the real world – conceptions of gender.

See how Buhari’s ‘ijebu’ landed him in hospital – Toni Kan

Would Buhari still be Buhari if he allowed us stampede him into proving that he was indeed alive and well? I guess the answer is no.

Of Medical Vacations and Buhari’s Second Chance to Make Things Right

Buhari should cut off the dead woods in his cabinet and fix the economy

The Law and You: Tenancy Laws of Lagos State

Under the Tenancy Law of Lagos 2011, Section 29 provides that where a landlord refuses to accept the current rent from a tenant, the tenant may upon application to the Court pay such rent to the Court’s Registry.

Music Review: On Vector’s Third LP Album, Lafiaji

Vector is more than competent as a rapper. His word play is perhaps his strongest asset. His story-telling is better than your average. His range and cross-over appeal also checks out even if it feels sometimes restricted.

Aisha’s Musings: Like Spain, Nigeria Needs a Sex Tsar

And who better to champion all these than the man who is for everyone and for no one?

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Planning for the long term

Just like Peter Obi keyed into the MDGs, today leaders have the SDGs to serve as a benchmark to guide long term planning. The global sustainable goals pretty much covers everything aspect of human development. The question is, what are our leaders doing about the SDGs, almost two years on?

A Few Thoughts on the Lagos Takeover of Federal Government Assets and Atiku’s Restructuring

The recent handover of the National Stadium, National Art Theatre and the National Museum to the Lagos state government provides good reasons to consider former Vice President Atiku's restructuring idea.

Hymar’s Loose Cannon: Bros, Get Permit Before You Spill Ya Semen

Green light no dey rish again. Some people are colour blind.

Cameroon AFCON Triumph and the Nigerian Challenge

The Eagles presently enjoy the momentum in the head-to-head between the sides, their last encounter ending in a 3-0 rout in Belgium almost two years ago. And there’s a certain quirk working in favour of Nigeria: all Afcon winners since 2010 have dropped off almost immediately! Needless to say, it would be unwise to hitch a strategy on mere history, not given the Cameroon side that turned up at the Afcon.

The Law & You: Understanding Tenancy Laws in Nigeria

The relationship between a landlord and a tenant is that of owner and occupier. The landlord owns the land while the tenant is entitled to use and occupy.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Xenophobic Attacks – What has Our Foreign Policy got to do With...

Nigeria has played a major role in the independence of many Africa countries, we have performed military intervention in many crisis situations - Liberia and Sierra-Leone readily come to mind, we continue to intervene wherever there are crises on the continent, we make huge donations to countries in need, but what really have we gained from these efforts?

On Nigeria’s 2 Presidents: Towards a Better Walk Through a Familiar Path

The APC leadership needs to work behind the scenes to sustain the atmosphere of oneness while the acting president endeavours to continue to lead with charisma, promoting oneness while also being firm.

Aisha’s Musings: I’ve Changed My Mind, Ashawo na Work – Legalise IT

So what if I hope the day never comes when I need to trade sex for money? What if I wouldn’t want the same for my daughter? But I don’t want to be a taxi driver either, doesn’t mean those that can and do do it should be told no or made to feel smaller.

Preying From Paris: Confronting Institutionalised Racism In Stockholm

Films like 'Kalushi' and 'I am not you Nego' screened at the CinemAfrica Film festival are total experiments that this life we live, was created by white people, but a point will come in a man’s life when he will decide to not take shit.


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