On the Release of Chibok Girls: Stupid Questions Are Allowed

A dose of scepticism might be good for everyone but in pushing narratives around the release of Chibok girls, more thought ought to be had about the well being of the girls themselves

The Law & You: Child Adoption Under the Nigerian Law (part 1)

Adoption is a legal process whereby a person obtains judicial or administrative authorisation to take (usually but not invariably) the child of another person as his own and parental rights and obligations are permanently transferred from the child’s natural parents to the adopter.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: What Does the Police Use Bail Money For?

Nigerians will unfortunately continue to be taken advantage of by officers who are paid to protect them and a nation they had the misfortune of being born in.

The Law & You: Casualisation of Labour in Nigeria & the Legal Implications

The situation of the country has made the unemployed to see casualisation as a big relief.

On Modular Refineries: Between Common Sense and Political Expediency

Government's decision to license more modular refineries in the Niger Delta in hopes of convincing former militants to cease stealing crude oil and refining illegally raises some important concerns

Love and Relationships: Breaking Old Patterns & Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

I want a trimmer body. Yes, I love myself and all, but these cheeks are so rebellious, they are about to grow out of my face. And don’t get me started on the time I almost died from tucking my tummy in at a cousin’s wedding. What’s the point of wearing a fitting dress if the stomach is just going to bulge and hang all out there, visible and unashamed? Where is the decorum in that?

Aisha’s Musings: The Complementary Effect of Sex and the Rainy Season

When you consider all, it does make sense that the rainy season should indeed call for some lying down together, it’s almost inevitable really.

The Law & You: Fundamental Right Enforcement Under the Nigerian Law

Human Rights that are enforceable in law are those rights which are recognised by law as fundamental rights as distinguished from mere aspirations or individual ideas of rights.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: We’ve had enough condemnations, it’s Time to Tackle Criminal Herdsmen

We cannot continue to look the other way while our people are being killed in droves in what is now looking like a pogrom. The death of our compatriots should not become normal news. It is a tragedy that we have let things degenerate to this.

The Law & You: The Police, Law and Your Right By Evans Ufeli

The police force is a critical institution in the organisation of any society where law and order is expected to prevail unrestrained.

Nze Sylva’s Corner: WhenThe Bar is Set So Low for Government

The issue here is that when we the people set the bar so low and celebrate routine activities of our leaders as though they were groundbreaking or innovative, we run the risk of remaining where we are as a nation with our leaders taking us for a ride.

The Law and You: Receiving Stolen Property And Unlawful Possession

A man who is in possession of stolen goods soon after the theft is either the thief or has received the goods knowing them to be stolen, unless he can account for his possession

Buhari’s Fight Against Corruption: It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button

The government should overhaul the fight against corruption

On Fela! The Broadway Musical: When Everybody Says Yeah Yeah

The command performance of Fela! The Broadway Musical at Eko Hotel was a spectacularly rich reminder of the legacy of the Afrobeat legend

Nze Sylva’s Corner: Of Desperate Youths and Criminal Traffickers

We have read of people who faked travel documents, of folks who braved life inside airtight containers sailing across the sea, of stowaways in the wheel compartment of international flights.

Nigeria’s ‘Hopeless’ Power Sector and Making Sense of Fashola’s Efforts

An overview of the challenges in Nigeria's power sector and the efforts of the power, works and housing minister, Babatunde Fashola to address them

The Law and You: Rape, Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Offences

Rape is the most serious kind of sexual offence and is punishable with imprisonment for life with or without whipping

Aisha’s Musings: A Single Lady’s Guide to Polyamory

It’s okay, everybody likes soup, but nobody likes to have one soup, repeatedly, forever, till death do them part.

The Law and You: Know Your Rights – The Dignified Office of the Nigerian Citizen

Nigerian citizens, who are plagued by the ineptitude of her leaders, have completely lost confidence in the law and are faced with the rigours of existence.

Aisha’s Musings: A Rape Can Only Ever Be a Rape

So when a woman who is “experienced” is raped, it isn’t as big a deal as when an inexperienced woman is raped. We need to stop the selective condemnation.


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