Omawumi Announces the Death of Her Mother-In-Law, Mrs Chio Phyllis Yussuf

Omawumi is in mourning.

The singer has taken to her Instagram to announce the passing of her mother-in-law, Mrs Chio Phyllis Yussuf, who died under unstated circumstances.

“My Mummy that my husband gave me, My love! My backbone! My tears are running as I’m typing. You will not read this but you know my heart,” she wrote.

She continued, “I’m not prepared mummy, I’m at loss for what to do! I hate this feeling! The only thing I will do is what you always taught me ‘to operate from a place of love’ RIP @chioyussuf Mrs Chio Phyllis Yussuf nee Brown. You will have my heart always.”

See her post below;

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