Omar al-Bashir Declares One-Year State of Emergency in Sudan

Sudan’s President, Omar al-Bashir has declared a national state of emergency after months of unrest in the North African country.

In an announcement in a TV address to the nation, al-Bashir dismissed the federal government and sacked all state governors, who were later replaced by appointed members of the security forces.

The announcement came shortly after the country’s National Security and Intelligence Services (NISS) said that Mr Bashir would be stepping down.

In the address, Mr Bashir asked parliament to postpone constitutional amendments that would allow him to run for another term.

Mr Bashir also said the demonstrations were an attempt to destabilise the country.

“I announce imposing a state of emergency across the country for one year,” he said.

“I announce dissolving the government at the federal level and at the provincial levels.”

Mr Bashir has been the focus of anti-government protests in recent weeks over what began as protests over hike in the price of bread.

Protesters took to the streets after the announcement in the city of Omdurman but were met with tear gas by police.


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