Olisa Adibua to Co-Produce ‘3Some’ Play

Ace broadcaster and show host, Olisa Adibua, is set to produce a new play, 3Some, in collaboration with Joseph Edgar.

It will be the third theatre production of the media personality after Isale Eko and Oba Esugbayi ­– historical pieces told through music, drama and dance.

Written by Jude Idada, 3Some is a psycho-erotic play which portrays the story of a couple who had to separate due to sexual incompatibility.

The bride’s mother then intervened, albeit controversially, with practical examples for her son in-law on how to satisfy a woman. The play is rated 18.

Adibua’s first love is theatre, despite his giant strides in radio and television presentation over the past three decades.

“Theatre for me is the ‘realest’ and ‘rawest’ form of entertainment,” Olisa said recently, describing the actor-audience relationship on stage as ‘instant karma’.

Relying heavily on the audience’s imagination, the script was deliberately designed to arouse erotic mental pictures as the actress mimes squirts and orgasmic reactions to the words.

Additional effect is created during the sexually-charged scenes, with the auditorium thrown into darkness, enabling the audience to be completely immersed in the live action.

Olisa Adibua is hopeful that corporate sponsors will emerge for this ground-breaking show coming up at the MUSON Centre, Onikan, in June.

He opines that it is important to tell the story of sexual relations in marriages and relationships, stressing that theatre should be reflective of contemporary issues in the larger society.

“The world has changed and things have moved on. We can’t be living in the wrong century. We have to bring people to this century and to say this is what is going on right now,” he said.

The play was completely sold out at Freedom Park, Broad Street during the Lagos Theatre Festival last year.


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