Offset Posts Car Crash Injury Photos, as Cardi B Reveals Accident Details

Days after he was involved in a car accident, rapper Offset has taken to his Instagram to confirm the news.

The Migos rapper posted several photos from the crash, including photos of his injuries and the serious damage to his car.

“This is why I thank God Every day I could have been dead from this accident thank you all for you prayers all I can say is (G O D I S R E A L G E T W I T H H I M ) H E S A V E S L I V E S,” the rapper captioned the photo.

Similarly, his fiancée​ Cardi B, who is pregnant with their first child, took to her Twitter to throw light on all that happened to Offset.

“Crazy how Set had to swerve and hit a tree cause a crackhead was in the middle of the road trying to get hit or kill himself,” she said in the since-deleted tweet, adding, “but God do unexplainable things! Luckily a man was walking by, walked him home and just vanished. The Lord is real.”

Offset was briefly hospitalised, and luckily is doing fine now.

See the photos he posted below.


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