Ntsiki Mazwai Questions the Intelligence of Folks Who Watch Soapies

Ntsiki Mazwai took to her Twitter to question the intelligence of fellow South Africans who watch a lot of soap operas.

“Sh** I still can’t believe the top most-watched shows are soap operas,” said the singer and poet, adding, “It’s a wow. Says a lot about where we are intellectually. Wow.”

Ntsiki also claimed that if the soapies had “woke” writers with an agenda, maybe the content would be different. “At least if your soapies had woke writers with an agenda…but dololo. They also watch soapies and don’t read books. I can tell by the content they create,” she added.

See her tweets below:

And people had a problem with her rant. See some of the responses below:


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