Nse Ikpe Etim Slams Womb-Watchers: “No, I Don’t Plan to Adopt a Child”

Nse Ikpe Etim continues to endure intrusive questions from interviewers who can’t quit asking about her body and her decisions.

Recall that in May, the iconic actress revealed she had undergone a total hysterectomy after being diagnosed with adenomyosis. Recently, she sat down with the folks at TVC, who went on to ask if she ever plans to adopt a child, if she believes in miracles and many more painful questions.

Per LIB, about adoption, she said: “No and I am not going to have a conversation about it.”

About the possibility of a miracle pregnancy, she said: “Why hasn’t God replaced my missing tooth? I have been asking him for it. The truth is that I believe that if in religion we use our sense, we would understand it. You see this thing called miracle, it is a miracle I am alive and that is all I stand for’.”

About her life post-hysterectomy, she said: “If you broke your tooth today, would you carry on with life? It is a part of the body. That is what it is. So I had a condition, I had to face my fears. I had an amazing partner who thought we have to choose life and then I went ahead and got treatment for it. When things happen in life, you get on with it. We seem to always want to put a thing on a scale and weigh it and say this is so heavy, my heart can’t take it. Of course, your heart can. We are built to be resilient but we chose when to be weak and when to be strong. It is a choice to be happy in this situation.”

And if she regretted her hysterectomy, she said: “Someone asked me if I had any regrets in an interview years ago and I answered I wished I had kids and I was like I hope to have twins. Actually right now, no I don’t have any regrets. I have accepted everything that I have come across in life and everything has been a learning curve. It’s either to make me a better or make me achieve greater heights. I am happy with where I am at.”

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