Notorious Thief Breaks out of French Jail with Helicopter

In scenes that will be fitting for award-winning series, Prison Break, a  notorious career thief who was once France’s most-wanted man pulled off a daring jailbreak on Sunday by fleeing a prison in the Paris area by helicopter.

According to officials, Redoine Faid, 46, broke out of the prison in Reau in the city’s southeastern suburbs within minutes, helped by a number of heavily-armed men.

Faid Redoine. Image: ChannelNewsAsia

He fled with three accomplices in a helicopter which was later found in a northeastern suburb of the French capital.

It was the second time Faid has pulled off a spectacular jailbreak – in 2013, he blasted his way out of a prison in northern France using dynamite before being recaptured six weeks later.

Faid, who grew up in tough immigrant suburbs outside Paris, has made several television appearances and co-authored two books about his delinquent youth and rise as a criminal in the Paris suburbs.

He said his life of crime was inspired by American films such as “Scarface” and “Heat”.

Meanwhile, a police search has been launched across the entire Paris region.


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