No Fu**ing Around! Policemen Banned from having Sex while at Work

It’s now a crime in the US state of Kansas for police to have sex with people they pull over for traffic violations or detain in criminal investigations.

The new law bans sexual relations “during the course of a traffic stop, a custodial interrogation, an interview in connection with an investigation, or while the law enforcement officer has such person detained.”

If you thought that was already a crime…you’re dead wrong as Kansas was one of 33 states where consensual sex between police and people in their custody wasn’t a crime.

Well, the leeway for cops has ended as members of the House Judiciary Committee got the new law passed in a bundled bill with several other law-enforcement measures. Gov. Jeff Colyer signed it into law Thursday.

According to Rep. Cindy Holscher, D-Olathe, who introduced the bill, she was moved by a case in New York where a teenager claimed she had been raped by two police officers in the back of their van, but no charges were filed because the officers claimed the sex was consensual and therefore legal.

Lawmakers on both sides of the divide embraced the change, saying it was long overdue.

As things now stand, getting away with sex on the job would be a lot harder for police officers.

Great time to be a cop, innit? Lol

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