#NigeriansMustGo: South Africans stage protest at Nigerian embassy

In a fresh wave of xenophobia, the Nigerian Embassy in South Africa witnessed a protest by South Africans calling for immigrants, especially Nigerians, to leave their country.

The group identified as “Only One SA”, on Wednesday, alleged that Nigerians and some other immigrants are behind human trafficking and other criminal activities in the country, including drug dealings.

One of the organizers of the protest during an interview with a local reported lamented the lack of action on the part of the government.

“Today we’re taking a stand to say no to human trafficking, no to child abduction, no to drugs, we need a clean country, SA must be safe and free,” he said.

Asked if the protest is not influenced by xenophobia, she said, “Look, South Africa, we have freedom of speech. They are allowed to say it’s xenophobic if that’s how they feel I cannot stop them but I know the cause that I have started it’s got nothing to do with xenophobic but it’s got everything to do with saving the small children.

“Children are going missing every day and the government is not doing anything about it… Nigerians are known for being perpetrators of these cases.

“Look, Nigerians, they are known to be the top of the list, yes there are South Africans. So now we’re going with the smoke, they must tell us who are their partners in South Africa, if they are using them then they must talk to us and who are the govt officials that are working to them, they must tell us.”

She also said that there have been numerous cases regarding “drugs and human trafficking but nothing is happening, that Mildred police station is rotten to the core, the Nigerians are just paying them to do as they like”.


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