Nigerian Woman Beats Incredible Odds to Deliver Sextuplets in 9 Minutes

A Nigerian woman living in Texas, US became the mother of sextuplets after giving birth to two sets of twin boys and one set of twin girls in under 10 minutes at The Woman’s Hospital in Houston.

Making the incredible announcement, then hospital said the babies were all born in nine minutes, between 4:50am and 4:59am.

In more good news, the delivery team, led by Dr Ziad Haidar, Dr Sharmeel Khaira and Dr Israel Simchowitz, said mother Thelma Chiaka was doing well.

According to the hospital, the odds of having sextuplets were estimated at one in 4.7 billion.

A statement from the hospital said: “The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, an HCA Houston Healthcare Affiliate, which delivers more babies than any other Texas hospital, early [Friday] morning welcomed sextuplets, the odds of which are estimated at one in 4.7 billion.”

The Houston Chronicle reports that the babies were born at weights ranging from 1 pound, 12 ounces (794 grams) to 2 pounds, 14 ounces (1.3 kilograms).

They were said to be in a stable condition in the hospital’s advanced neonatal intensive care unit – though it was not stated whether the babies were delivered naturally or through a caesarean section operation.

Ms Chiaka named her twin daughters Zina and Zuriel, The Chronicle reported, adding that she was still working on names for the four boys.

Seems she never planned on having male children…

Congratulations to her on the incredible feat.

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