Nigerian Woman Accuses Rapper Zoro of Rape: “I Have Been Quiet for 5yrs”

A Nigerian woman has taken to her Instagram to call out rapper, Zoro, who she says violently rapped her in 2015, in his friend’s house in Lagos.

According to Crystal (who shared her story via Instagram handle @@mystic_sweetness), the incident happened on April 20th, 2015, when the rapper was still squatting with a friend in Lagos.

She said:

”I just thought I should share this…. @zoroswagbag in April 20th 2015, at your friend’s house in Magodo CMD road, I followed my sister to come visit your friend(KOKO) whom you were squatting with then, and you asked me out which I told you I will think about it, after an hour of just meeting you, you called me into your room because you claimed you wanted to talk to me in private, how gullible I was to think it was just going to be a decent conversation with you, when I got into your room, you started forcing yourself on me to have sex with me, after struggling with you for over 30mins you overpowered me and raped me!!! You are a rapist! And I’m done struggling with the trauma and pain you put me through.”

Shortly after her story stirred attention, a man posing as Zoro’s manager reached out to her, and she shared the content of their conversation on her page.

She wrote:

”So this morning, @zoroswagbag manager sent me a dm, and this was our conversations, he is trying to intimidate me and make me keep quiet, but I’m sorry I have been quiet for 5yrs and I won’t be anymore, you caused me pains and trauma and at the same time you want to shut me down! @zoroswagbag I dare you to deny my claims! You did it and you know this!”

See the screenshots below:

The rapper had yet to address this as at press time.

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