Nigerian Traders Protest at ECOWAS Secretariat over Victimisation in Ghana

The National Association of Nigerian Traders on Monday stormed the ECOWAS Secretariat in Abuja to protest over alleged victimisation of their businesses in Ghana.

The protesting traders marched through the busy A.Y.A junction, where the headquarters of the ECOWAS commission is located.

Speaking during the protest, the President of the Association, Barrister Ken Ukaoha, said they are protesting the alleged victimisation of Nigerian Businessmen in Ghana, which, according to him has gotten so bad that a law was recently passed by the Ghanaian parliament seeking to make the business environment hostile to foreign investors.

He called on the Federal Government to caution its Ghanaian counterpart, by ensuring that there is free movement of goods and services as provided by the ECOWAS charter.

According to him, the association is giving the commission a one-week ultimatum to intervene in the matter, adding that “if nothing was done, the association would deploy all its members to occupy the premises of ECOWAS”.

Ghanaian authorities have been clamping down on foreign business owners in recent months, with Nigerians particularly targeted in the raids.

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