Nigerian Pastor Dragged to Court for Defrauding Namibian Couple of their House

A Nigerian pastor and his wife have been sued in Namibia for allegedly defrauding a couple of their house.

Pastor Isaac Onwordi of Life-Changing Christian Church and his wife, Suama Ndagodja Onwordi, appeared before the Namibian court last week, having being accused of forging a document for ownership of a N$1.5m house in Windhoek that belongs to the couple – who were at the time members of his church.

According to the plaintiff, the pastor is said to have, under false pretenses, agreed to rent out their house, which later resulted in a loss of their property.

The situation was aggravated outside the court when the couple approached their daughter to hand over their car since she had been told by the pastor not to associate with them.

The father, Gervasius Arnat, said she had changed her name from Gervaldo to Faith and had refused to hand over the car, on the pastor’s advice.

“We even bought her property at a flat she was renting but now all that is gone. She can’t speak to us anymore because of the pastor, can you imagine that? A pastor comes all the way from Nigeria to ruin families, ha?” said the mother visibly shaken by the confrontation.

“She was told that if she drives the car, she would die because the parents bewitched it. Can you believe that?” an incredulous ex-member of the church asked.

The controversial pastor and his wife are on N$10 000 bail.

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