Nigerian Men Have Recolonised South African Women– Tayo Faniran

Tayo Faniran is of the opinion that Nigerian men in South Africa have successfully recolonised the women there to act like Nigerian women.

The former reality TV star and model took to his Instagram page to note that the love women have for Nigerian men all over the world is quite unhealthy as they are seen as being loose with money.

Tayo Faniran noted that gone are the days when men had to make an effort to look good, converse properly, to get the attention of a woman.

Nowadays, all that is required is for the men to hustle to make money while not paying any attention to grooming and other things and girls are all over them.

The model revealed that when he first got to South Africa, it was unheard of that men give transport money to South African women and even on dates, bills were split halfway.

However, things have changed as Nigerian men have successfully recolonised South African women into thinking like their Nigerian counterparts. He faulted this to be one of the reasons South African men hate Nigerian men because they are very loose with money and naturally become ‘blessers’ when trying to woo a lady.

This he noted, points to the fact that most of the time, their money is obtained through criminal means.

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