Nigerian Man Nabbed in India over Debit Card Fraud

A Nigerian man was on Monday arrested in India after he tried to use a cloned debit card to purchase 450 kgs of ‘ghee’ worth Rs 2.25 lakh [about N1,163,142.00].

According to Indian authorities, 45-year-old Shoxy Abby had cloned a person’s debit card and later swiped it at a departmental store to buy 450 kgs of ‘Desi ghee’ worth Rs 2.25 lakh.

Speaking on his arrest, Chinmoy Biswal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (SouthEast), said a police team had received a PCR call on Friday where the complainant had alleged that a person swiped a debit card at his store to purchase 450 kgs of ghee.

“The store owner found the transaction suspicious and asked for his ID before providing him the ghee. On being asked about the ID, the accused fled,” Biswal said.

The store owner immediately informed the police about the incident and filed a complaint.

The police team traced the transaction and after a detailed investigation, the accused was apprehended from Greater Noida, with the cloned debit card in his possession.

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