Nigerian, Busted in Kenya for Carrying Fake Dollars, Claims it’s for a Movie

A Nigerian man, Henry Omoaka, is in hot water in Kenya after he was arrested with $251, 000 in fake currency.

Omoaka, 51, was arrested at Malaika Apartments in South B on Wednesday afternoon in possession of bhang and cocaine alongside the fake currencies at his apartment.

After his arrest, the suspect claimed that he was a scriptwriter and the fake currency was to be used in a movie scene.

But when questioned further about the movie they were making, he could not remember the title nor the people who he was working for.

The suspect, who also had outdated travel documents, later claimed that some people, among them Kenyans and Nigerians, had fixed him.

Omoaka lived alone in the rented apartment and denied knowledge of fake or money laundering dealings.

Detectives however maintain that the fake money, in heaps of the said currencies, was used to fleece unsuspecting Kenyans of their cash.

He is helping Kenyan authorities with their investigation.


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