#NigeriaDecides: Thugs Allegedly Disrupt and Burn Ballot Boxes at Okota, Lagos

Multiple eyewitness reports on Twitter suggest that some thugs disrupted the voting process and burned ballot boxes at ward 018, Ago palace way, Okota, in Lagos.

According to one eyewitness, “APC thugs just burnt our ballot boxes at ward 018, in Ago palace way, Okota. This is [life]. I am a witness. This is not a country but a jungle. No security men on sight.”

Another added that the thugs insisted that prospective voters must cast their ballot in favour of a certain party, or they would not be allowed to vote at all. “Currently in Ago –Okota . Two people just got shot close to my house! All we heard is “if you’re not voting for APC “ leave here. We had to run for our lives, they burnt the ballot boxes,” she said.

Neither the police nor the officials of INEC had addressed this as at press time.

See the videos below:

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