Nicki Minaj Speaks About the Perceived Competition With Cardi B & More in CRWN Interview: Watch

Nicki Minaj has been on a marathon ever since her album Queen dropped on August 10.

Yesterday, she dragged her ex Safaree during her Hot 97 radio interview with DJ Flex, and later took to her Twitter to roast Safare who also had a lot to say about why their relationship failed.

During her sitdown with Elliott Wilson for the latest edition of TIDAL’s CRWN interview series, Minaj spoke about pushing back the release date of Queen back before the album dropped.

“I know my fans well enough that they will kick and scream, but they want the best. They want perfection. Having the album out, if feels like I just gave birth to a fuckin’ baby. I feel like I’m in a permanently good fuckin’ mood […] I’m in a great mental space now.”

About the post-release changes to the album, she confirmed that her 6ix9ine collaboration “FEFE” will be added to Queen. “We added ‘FEFE,'” she said. “Shout out to my baby Tekashi. I love him. Because of streaming, we can update the albums.”

She also added that the first verse on “Chun Swae” was “done in like 15 minutes” and she wants to go back and change both verses on that song as well.

About her past relationship issues, she said, “I remember in the beginning, I never spoke about my personal life at all. N****s thought that was my gay best friend […] After dating in public, I never want to do that again. It was so annoying.” While she was reluctant to reveal who the real-life subject of “Come See About Me” is, she added, “I was thinking about the same person when I wrote the hook on ‘Ganja Burn.'”

About her place in the rap industry and the perceived fierce competition with Cardi B, she said, “I can’t not have the top position.”

She further noted that she has always had competition but her longevity is what places her above the rest. “I’m not intimidated,” she added.

About the MotorSport collaboration drama that spurned the claims that she was beefing Cardi, she said, “I didn’t like the way it was handled and Quavo was apologetic. I kept it moving […] I don’t hold grudges.”

And she said a lot more.

TIDAL users can watch the interview here.

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