Nicki Minaj Shades the Heck out of Travis Scott on Her Queen Radio: Catch the Details!

Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott are officially beefing and it’s all because she lost the race for the Billboard 200 chart to him.

Speaking on her Beats 1 Queen Radio show today, the Chun-Li rapper awarded Travis Scott “Hoe Nigga of the Week”, while also dismissing as an “auto-tune man” who she says is selling sweaters as merch bundles and deceiving fans that he sold half a million records.

Recall that their beef started her album Queen debuted at no. 2 on the chart with 185,000 units (78,000 in pure sales), following behind Travis Scott’s Astroworld which which moved 205,000 units (78, 000 in pure sales). Nicki felt slighted; her own merch bundles did not add to her first week sales.

Now, she is speaking about her frustrations with industry on her radio show, while also calling out all those she feels stepped on her toes. “I’m an ICON, there’s nothing you can do to erase me. I’ll rise to the top, I am the best female rapper of ALL TIME. Now, who wanna suck my p*ssy?” she said about her accomplishments.

And about Scott, whom she gave Hoe Nigga of the week, she said: “Auto tune man is out here selling sweaters, got you dumbasses thinking he sold half a million albums.”

Will the Sicko Mode rapper respond to the diss? We wait.


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