Nicki Minaj Reveals She Got High & Watched Her “Chun-Li” Video “48 Times” on Saturday Night

Nicki Minaj, like her fans, is obsessed with the latest visuals for Chun-Li, her 16th top 10 song.

Recall that the visual dropped on Friday and got successful reception, so much that it became the number 1 trending video on YouTube in the United States.

By Saturday, Chun-Li had raked over 10 million views, and yesterday, the rapper took to her Twitter to reveal that she got high on Saturday and watched the video “48 times.”

“Last night after my shoot I got high & watched the Chun-Li video about 48 times,” she said in now-deleted tweets, adding that it was an eye-opener. “I started seein shit I never saw b4.”


Fans quickly hopped on the post to say that they did same thing she did; she really exceeded expectations.

See reactions below.


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