Nicki Minaj Addresses Her Beef With Lil Kim, Breaks Down Her Lyrics in New Genius Interview

Nicki Minaj is finally speaking up about her beef with her female colleagues in the hip-hop industry.

The rapper sat down last night with Rob Markman of Genius to break down the lyrics of the tracks in her latest album, Queen. While she spoke about her writing process and broke down the lyrics, she also spoke about her struggles in an industry that seemingly is working to scrap her legacy.

About her writing process, she said: “Most of the stuff that I sing, I don’t ever write it. I just freestyle that. recently I’ve chosen the approach of doing a reference kind of mumble track.”

About her comeup in the industry, she said: “We were being shopped, every label passed up on me, every crew. I’m from New York, jay’s crew and 50’s crew didn’t sign me.”

About her iconic Monster verse, she said: “I knew I was getting on an album with someone who was a big presence. I was basically talking to him, like alright, I’m gonna show you something. I wanted to impress him, to show out, pretty much. Since Monster, has there been a new rapper on a record with icons who stood out like that?”

About how her favourite catch-phrase ‘all these bitches is my sons” became a thing, she said: “Puffy said it to me and he was deadass serious, and it tickled me so much i had to keep it as a part of my repertoire.”

About how she comes up with her sports references, she said: “Google, it’s your best fucking friend.”

About her emphasis on rappers writing their raps, she said: “If you don’t want to write your raps, that’s fine. But don’t expect to be treated like people who do. This is not about women. It’s a lot of people running around doing that.”

About why she wrote Barbie Dreams, she said: “We knew it was gonna be game-changing. I’m the only one that could do it because there’s so much history behind it. I wanted to give people something to make them excited, like how they felt the first time they heard me.”

And she said a lot more.

Watch the video below.


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