Nick Cannon Reveals He’s Contemplated Suicidal Thoughts in Shocking IG Post

Nick Cannon hinted that he contemplated suicide and called 2020 the most “f***ed up year I’ve ever witnessed” while talking about his friend who he says took his own life.

Per the show host, he, himself, was in “dark contemplation of continuing my physical existence on this planet,” and admiring his friend who “had the balls to do it.”

Writing about Ryan Bowers — an up-and-coming rapper who Nick signed to his label — who was shot in his own home last year by a San Diego cop,  Nick said Ryan was in a coma for months and Nick was by his side.

He added that his friend fought hard, re-learning basic functions like walking. He added that Ryan recuperated and returned to perform to sold-out crowds. But, behind the veneer, Ryan was hurting, whispering to Nick, “Everything still hurts.”

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