NFL Star Christian Okoye Says Marijuana Changed His Life: “I’m Almost Pain Free’

Christian Okoye is changed man, and it’s all thanks to marijuana.

In new chat with TMZ, the Nigerian NFL star said he was able to free himself from opioid-based pain medication after getting hooked on marijuana.

Okoye’s career wrapped up in 1992 and afterwards, he began battling intense pain, to the point that simply things like jogging became a major challenge. And it was for this reason he began taking opioid-based pain medications, to be able to do simple things.

But his life changed after he started using CBD treatment aka Cannabidiol (a marijuana-based substance) which now works well for his body. “I think it’s a way for players to help themselves be pain free,” said the Nigerian star who is trying to get players to use the substance.

However, marijuana is still on the NFL’s banned substances list.

Meanwhile, Okoye only recently learned that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson named his Rampage character, Davis Okoye, after him.

Click here to watch the video of his reaction.

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